Why Am I Running?


In November, I will be concluding my first term as a Trustee with the WRDSB. It has been a unique experience that had a steep learning curve. During my time with the board, I have been involved in multiple board committees, made many visits to our elementary and secondary schools, celebrated with families and students at commencements, attended community events and worked closely with our Student Trustees and Student Senate. I have had the pleasure of meeting with parents, listening to their concerns, sharing those concerns at the board table and assisting them with navigating our school board system. I am also proud to have been involved in the development of our board ’s Strategic Plan. 

I put a lot of thought into the decision to put my name forward and run again. I wanted to be certain that I could continue to be of service to our students, parents, staff and community. I believe that I can. 

My current work with Student Trustees/Student Senate and ultimately student voice is an exciting focus. The goal if this important work is to provide opportunities for our students to be partners in their own learning. There is much work to be done and I am excited to continue and provide support in this area.

My work with the Equity and Inclusion Advisory Boards is another area that I would like to continue to support. This committee is currently providing input into Ontario’s Education Action Plan. This plan is a “blueprint” that outlines how we will identify and eliminate inequities in the education system. It is important work that I am passionate about. 

With a change in government, there has already been some concern about the impact of their decisions on our students and families. I would like to be able to listen to and advocate for parents, students, staff and community members as the navigate the potential changes and their impact. 

School trustees are responsible for setting the school board’s overall policy direction and the board’s budget as well as representing the interests of the community, parents and students in their area I trustee, I will make every effort to make myself available directly to parents and the community in a variety of ways - by attending school and community meetings, visiting schools as well as through phone and social media. I will listen to what you have to say in an open, honest, non-judgmental, unbiased fashion.